A New Journey

every-person-carried-the-seed-of-successAfter much contemplation and study, I have decided to open up my experience of success, failure and tough love to help equip others to be able to live life to their fullest potential. I offer education and workshops to help people lead a fuller, more intentional life. Often, we get “stuck” and then fail to live our best story. What if your best story is yet to come? I believe that it is.

I have been working with companies in an educational development capacity to increase growth, sales, leadership, overcoming setbacks and communication. Additionally, I offer similar programs to individuals seeking one on one attention.

In my desire to serve as many people as possible, I am now including complimentary conference calls as part of my regular services. I hope to bring valuable content to everyone looking to improve various zones of their lives in a way that is applicable and actionable for all participants.

In life, we never stop learning, and if we are intentional about it, the outcome can be extraordinary!

Please consider joining in on February’s call. Feel free to invite others. During our time together, I will be discussing the “Power of 10”.  The philosophies and tips shared are part of the beginning phases of leading an intentional life that adds value to others. This is the foundation of growing in leadership and communication that can be applied in the workplace and at home.

Thank you for taking the time to read what is up and coming! The date and time of the complimentary call is listed below. If you are interested in attending please respond to this email or email me at staceyjata@staceyjata.com. You can also text/call me at 832-699-2501.


The Power of 10

Hosted by Stacey Jata

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

8 pm Central

Please respond to RSVP and to receive the dial in and passcode information.


Thank you. Have a blessed and abundant day!

In Kindness,

Stacey Jata





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Cancer Sucks!

1375191_578348018879210_18687895_nThis post is for my friend, Summer Sanford. We have known each other almost 20 years. for most of those years, we have laughed together. That is, until October 2015. Now, we spend time crying. And a little more time “being strong”. We contemplate more. We ask “life” questions. We hope– a lot of hope. We pray. We look for answers and seek solutions. It has been a journey and not one that I wish for anyone. It is the crappy cancer one.

Her mom was diagnosed with Leukemia on October 1st of 2015. HER MOM. The mom that forever makes us laugh, has a mouth like a sailor, a heart of gold and a ferocity in her that lights up a small town! She fights for what is right, loves with her full heart and is not the person to mess with on a bad day. That mom.

She is an avid tennis player. And tennis is what gave her the clue that something was amiss. She was too weak to pick up the ball…. and that is how her cancer story started. It has been months of chemo and pokes and pricks. Trips to the emergency room. More unknowns than knowns. Months of maddening un-answers and saddening truths.

Through it all has been hope, love, laughter. Bonds that have grown and ties that have healed. Nothing is being left unsaid. And my friend, Summer, an only child and the absolute light in her mother’s eyes, has been instrumental in keeping spirits up. She has plastered the walls with funny sayings, hopeful messages, beautiful pictures and more. She has delivered special gifts and beautiful things for her mother’s eyes to gaze upon. She has put up Happiness Walls to encourage others and the nurses. So much good has happened.

But still, Cancer Sucks. The war has not been won (yet). They are still battling one day at a time. But, what I do know is they are doing it with grace and love and hope.

I love my friend very much. I love her mom and family. And, there are no words– just that cancer super-sucks!

Below is my friend’s story. I hope you find it in your heart to read and help. The thing is– we can kick cancers butt! But it is going to take an effort from us in all kinds of ways. Whether you walk, donate, gala or contribute— ALL of it counts and it all will help someone, in some way in some time.

We will FIGHT to the end. We will fight for those that have already gone and we will fight to give hope to others!


Dear Friend, As some of you may know, on October 1, 2015, my Mother was diagnosed with leukemia. At that very moment, my world turned upside down. As her daughter, watching her cancer journey has been hard. Nothing has been easy for her, from blood clots, to losing her hair, to the nausea and fevers associated with chemotherapy, to feeling like a human pin cushion every time she checks into the hospital, to the anxiety that creeps in while you are wondering if you can keep going and if the next thing is going to kill you. It’s truly one of the hardest things you can watch a loved one go through. The truth is, while we have made advancements to cure blood diseases; we need more help! I have been nominated to be a Candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year Campaign. This is a National Competition, and every dollar raised is a vote in my favor. My personal fundraising goal is $50,000, in order to name a research grant in honor of my Mom, as well as, the countless other victims of leukemia and lymphoma. I’m asking you to help by making a tax-deductible contribution towards my campaign. Together, we can find a cure and more compassionate treatment therapies with fewer side effects; but to overall create an environment of support for the families who suffer watching their loved ones on this journey. With your generous support, you can help me reach and surpass my goal and together we can raise funds for research, awareness and advocacy. Through donors and supporters like you, new hope in finding a cure for blood cancers has never been greater.

–Summer Sanford

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