Moose House “Moosings”

Well, I have finally succumbed to the blogging world. Due to demand, I have started The Moose House. I want to begin by stating that I live nowhere close to moose country. I live in Texas. In fact, at the moment, I can only recall ever seeing deer, snakes, squirrels, a bobcat, foxes and coyotes on or around our area BUT I do have a moose in my front yard. It is our direction disclaimer, “I live in the house with the moose.” Very recognizable, a little odd and completely out-of-place. I like it.

This particular moose makes me happy. I see him out of my window when I am working. Our neighbors decorate him for Christmas. The kids lasso him. The dog barks at it. We call him Monty and he is a part of our family. Note that he is referred to in the masculine, it has been proven as such.

Originally he was my mother’s. She purchased him to put in her yard as a reminder of her home country, Canada, eh? He never made it to the yard, instead he took up residence in her garage. Monty’s primary responsiblity was to use his antlers as fishing pole storage and to scare any unsuspecting visitor. Eventually he made his way to our house. He was on the flatbed trailer and you could see him in the rearview mirror…yep, cruising down the highway with a moose on the trailer! Once he was delivered to the yard, lots of pictures were taken and many conversations have occurred because of Monty the Moose. He is a happy moose and I like him.

The Moose House blog is intended to give you a little insight on my perspective on marriage, family, well-being and fun! My dad always said opinions are like noses, everyone has got one. I will share mine here at The Moose House and hopefully spread a little happiness, goodwill and inspiration!


3 thoughts on “Moose House “Moosings”

  1. What a cool idea. I love it when I have an eclectic moment and you adopt it and make it (him) part of the family!!! Way to go and keep me away from auctions!!

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