The Dog, The Frog and The Boomerang That Came Back


Laundry at my house is an on going experience. It is never done. Some version of it always awaits…sorting, washing, folding, putting away and the agony of ironing– you get the picture. The other no fail is that when others in this household see that I am getting geared up for the laundry task, they disappear. They vanish. It is really amazing that when I want them to leave me alone they are in my personal space and when I need them to be around they are MIA. Except for one, she loves me no matter what and will do anything to please me. I discovered her love runs deep as she helped sort laundry. The dog is my new assistant.

My Laundry Assistant

As I sorted the colors from the whites, I tossed to the appropriate pile. The Aussie thought it in great fun and caught each item in mid-air and promptly dropped it. Works for me. I then started giving the sort order: white or color. I figure there could be much benefit to me if she can catch and sort. What a fun new game we can play!! She lasted for a few minutes of sorting time before she too got bored and high-tailed it outta there!


We have a very specific rule at our house. Do NOT leave your shoes outside (and do not wear them in the house, confusing, I know). We live in a very wooded area with creepy crawlies. Leave your shoes outside and a critter could be crawling in. My daughter learned this the hard way.

She ran out to put on her sparkly tennis shoes that she had left outside the back door. she slid her foot into the opening and then SCREAM!!!!! Out comes the foot and you see this very little person turn and run in her socks across the yard screaming full throttle! This was pure flight, no fight. Once she came to me this is what I heard intermingled with big tears and gasps of air: “THTHTHT..EEEEERRRRRRSSSSSS…A.A..A..AA…FFFFFF..FF..RRRRRRR..OOOOOOGGGGGG  IIIIINNNNN…..MYMYMYMY…SHOOOOE!” (wah!)

I flipped the shoe and lo and behold, a big fat TOAD popped out (insert more screams here)! After tons of coaxing, I finally got her to put her shoes on, but at every opportunity her brother takes her shoe and holds it up to her face and yells, “There is a frog in your shoe!” I think it has permanently scarred her but that is okay because now her shoes will not be subject to the creatures outside. On a sidenote, I had to Lysol her shoes so she would put them back on…


If the “frog incident” wasn’t bad enough she also learned a lesson about boomerangs. They come back. Her head found out the hard way and she is still swollen on the side of her face. Fortunately, I don’t think I have to worry about her using the boomerang for a while because her brother managed to land it on the roof along with his rocket and a flip-flop. I haven’t gotten to the “real” story about the flip-flop yet, but according to a seven-year old boy his flip-flops can fly.


3 thoughts on “The Dog, The Frog and The Boomerang That Came Back

  1. I wish my dogs would do the laundry! At least they could earn their keep lazy things….Funny funny funny on the frog and the boomerang. Sounds like two other kids I know!

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