The Call of the Child

My husband and I have a no fail system of calling our children to us….we embrace. It works every time. It does not matter which room we are in or where they are, once we put ourselves into the hug position they come running. Usually we will grin and listen to see how long it takes before they find us. Often, we hear voices from the other room that say, “Come on, it is loving time!” or “I need some loving too!” It makes us laugh and we soak it up!

Most of the time we have two kids crammed between us into the hug position and the dog cannot be left out so she is in the hug huddle too. Our son usually exclaims at this time, “FAMILY HUG!” and everybody gives a great big squeeze.

I absorb these moments like a fine wine. I know that one day they will forget to run to us as they will be busy with their friends and cool stuff that doesn’t involve parents. I also try not to complain too much about the colors and Lego’s left on the table or in the living room because I know that I will be missing the mess of little ones soon enough. I don’t try to take pictures of every moment, I try to be in the moment.  I steal a little scent of them every time I tuck them in at night. Sometimes, I will lay with them and watch them sleep.

As our world spins each day and we fill it with work, bills, deadlines, chores, ball practice, dance and music lessons, that one last email, that one last call, remember to take the time to cherish your moments. Time is a gift that should be used wisely. That is really all our little ones need- our time. It shows our love. So today and always I hope you hug often and never let a moment pass with someone you love that you don’t share an expression of that love.



4 thoughts on “The Call of the Child

  1. Dad gives all of you a hug every chance I get. All of you girls grew up in a blink of an eye. I have a lot of good memories of those times. LOVE YA’LL

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