No More Chocolate or Beer… What?!

The Lenten season has begun at The Moose House.  We received our ashes yesterday. For the rest of the afternoon I got those long stares from people who really wanted to tell me I had dirt on my forehead but didn’t want to embarrass me.  I just stared back and smiled.  It was kind of fun.

One of the big discussions has been what are we giving up or doing for Lent. It is interesting to hear my son’s idea of sacrifice. He volunteered to stop talking about explosions. I cannot say that I am disappointed with this gesture because he talks about it a lot! He also talks about building machines, robots, aliens and trains in the same story and breath. My daughter, on the other hand, will have full discussions about rainbows, butterflies, princesses and Barbie’s.

The conversations usually go like this:

Daughter, “Last night I dremmed about butterflies.”

Son, “…that were really robots controlled by aliens!”

Daughter, “No! They were in the princess castle!”

Son, “And then… I know… a train smashed into the castle killing all of the evil robotic butterflies! Then…then… the aliens invaded the castle and kicked the princess out! Ha…ha….ha…!”

And so it goes…so yes, his sacrifice of deleting conversations about explosions is welcomed.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have volunteered our ideas on what we are changing for the next 40 days. All of which will be challenging. One of the featured things we will be doing is adding family time in the evening to say The Rosary. Yesterday, it was approached with enthusiasm.  I am expecting resistance soon.  Last night there were complaints of being out of breath.  I will need to remind everyone to breathe….

As a child we would give up candies, cakes, chocolate.  As an adult I chose more difficult sacrifices, beer, chocolate (still), introduce exercise into my routine since it didn’t work for New Year’s…you know, grown-up things.  I usually fell off the wagon some time in that 40 day stretch or on Friday, the day to abstain from meat. Typically, I would remember halfway through my big juicy hamburger that I was supposed to be eating fish.

Lent is a time of abstinence, sacrifice and devotion. It is a time of transformation.  I am really looking forward to this Lenten season and I am excited to grow in faith. Also, as our Rosary experience evolves, I am sure I will have more to share.  Please take note: this season, I am keeping my beer and chocolate!


4 thoughts on “No More Chocolate or Beer… What?!

  1. I decided to give up candy, cookies, cake and ice cream. I am insisting the kids do too – we all need a break from the sugar in our house. They took it well, Rane even denied herself a cupcake at school today. I thought that was cool for a 5 year old!

  2. Great, now I have to think about what I should give up or do for lent. Maybe I should get serious and lose about 20 lbs, that is what my doctor want me to lose anyway. I told my doctor that I needed some diet pills to help me lose the weight. You would be surprised at what his answer was to my request, “You are to OLD to take diet pills, they will KILL you”. So I have the solution for killing myself now if I want to, just take diet pills. LOL.
    Byt the way Stacey great story.

  3. Once again…great insight. I thought about giving something up and then realized I’m not Catholic. I probably should give up something but I don’t know where to begin! So, I think I will be a support “group” and help you survive 40 days…..I could help you by EATING all the candy and DRINKING all the beer…….

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