A Typical Moose Pose

Monty the Moose was once again stalked by the Paparazzi! He is very Famoose! We had a tree being taken down by a fabulous little company called “Good Morrow” out of The Woodlands. They did a great job, but I digress. While I was dealing with the newspaper guy, baking cookies, scolding the dog, answering two telephones and trying get out the door, I noticed a familiar activity in my front yard….picture taking! Two of lawn guys were  taking their photo with Monty the Moose.  He was very accommodating and smiled as usual.  He even gave a good angle on his rack.

This is not a new occurrence for Monty.  Our wonderful neighbors decorate him every year for Christmas. This last year, they even made a photo album chronicling the festive event.  His holiday decor has turned into our annual Christmas Card picture a time or two.  The movers also posed with the moose.  I even get the occasional note or call asking for permission to cast him or even to buy him.  He is a wonderful novelty for all.

Of course this got me to thinking…everyone around here has Bluebonnet Fever right now.  You can go along the Texas highways and any number of people will be frolicking in the fields taking pictures in the bluebonnets.  I think next year Monty will be frolicking in the Bluebonnets too.  It should make for some great photos! Meanwhile, he will just bask in the glamour of being Famoose!


5 thoughts on “Famoose!

  1. LOL! Maybe next time the Augustine crew is over we should pose with Monty…that way we’ll have proof of our elbow rubbing with someone “famoose”

  2. You should get Monty to make a trade with the visitors. They want there photo with him then they have to do something like cut the grass LOL.

  3. I did not know our decorating project had a name!
    I must confess Monty has provided great entertainment for decorating and picture taking. We love you Monty.

  4. I love your stories. They always make me smile as I sit here and grade papers late at night. Oh, I mean after I grade. Only then do I relax and do some of your light reading.

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