What is Your Love Story?

Where did you meet?  Who spoke to whom first?  Did you find each other at school, work, play or online?  Was it love at first sight or did you grow into love?  How long did you date?  Was he/she your type?  What was “it” that made you have to get to know this person?  Did you get butterflies in your stomach?  Do you still smile when you think about those first moments of getting to know each other?

The Love Story, every marriage has one.  It is the fun part.  My children love to hear our love story.  Heck, I love to hear other people’s love stories.  I think back to our beginnings just because it always makes me smile.  An interesting thing about love stories is the point of view.  I love to hear the he said/she said versions! I don’t believe my husband and I have agreed on all facts of our story yet!

Your love story is so important to your marriage.  First, it is distinctly yours.  No one else has exactly your story.  It always conjures up specific emotions with your memory. Secondly, it is a great memory to think about and share, especially to re-kindle those early love sparks.

Here are some terrific ways to immortalize your story:

  • Create a photo book with your written story and pictures.  Two great sources for creating albums are www.shutterfly.com and www.kodakgallery.com.  These albums are wonderful as an anniversary gift and as a terrific keepsake for your children.
  • If you shared love notes, letters and cards that are still in a box in your attic, create a scrapbook to share. You don’t like to scrapbook?  Scan the documents into your computer and create your own album.  Shutterfly and Kodak are terrific for these projects as well.
  • Take a video camera and retrace your steps.  Go together and each of you give your version of what happened in each spot. This project makes a great date for the two of you!
  • Have your children interview you on camera with their questions about your love story.

My personal love story… (because you know you want to read it!)

I met my husband in a bowling alley in the beer line.  I had bright red hair, a plaid skirt and ugly bowling shoes on as part of my attire.  He decided that if I could walk around like that with so much confidence he just had to get to know me! He asked me out for 3 months before I said yes, then we were married within the year! The clincher for me, he made me laugh and he was super smart—a great combination! I couldn’t imagine my life without him.  By the way, we did not go bowling again until 9 years later!

What is your love story?

(Share in the comment section.  Of course, you can always email me at txmoosehouse@gmail.com and include your story, a picture, and the following  permission statement: “Texas Moose House  has my permission to use my story and picture in full or in part on the blog, Texas Moose House.”  If it is really awesome and makes me laugh, I may post it right here on Texas Moose House! Please note:  I will check it for my version of punctuation and grammar.  You know everyone will want to read it! )


3 thoughts on “What is Your Love Story?

  1. I was the Editor of my college paper. He was a writer. He was lazy on the commas. It was not until years later we reconnected after I graduated from college. He was standing on the side of the road and a friend, who was a co-editor, happen to drive by and see him. I reconnected with her one day prior. The day before that, I had just broken up with a boyfriend of 7 years. The timing was everything as I recall. We were in front of Cafe Brazil. I did not think of dating him at the time, just catching up.

  2. We met online through Yahoo! LOL. We talked for about a month, first through email, then chat, then on the phone. I went out for drinks with a friend and got brave, came home and called him to go out and meet me. Hung out all night talking, never were apart after that. Went to our friend Hank’s ranch one weekend and were sitting on the front porch in a couple of rocking chairs watching the sunset. Mark said he could see us together as an old couple doing the exact same thing and I totally agreed. We were married in Las Vegas within 6 months of knowing each other, pregnant with our son 2 months after that. We have 2 beautiful children, built a home business and still spend almost all our time together 9 years later. We got that “thang” that just works ~ and we love each other!

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