Happy Birthday To Me!

Some years ago, but not too many, I was born.

Lately, at The Moose House, there have been some interesting comments made about my age. I would like to spend a few moments clarifying a few things:

  1. I was born AFTER the dinosaurs.
  2. Yes, there was television. No remotes. I would sit in front of our big box TV, that was essentially a piece of furniture, and change the channel with my toes.
  3. Yes, there were Barbie Dolls. My Barbie dolls all had their hair chopped off and I colored their faces in rainbow. Occasionally, I pulled off their heads.
  4. Pampers were relatively new. So most babies (including me) still used cloth diapers.
  5. Yes, we had toilets.
  6. Yes, we had air conditioning.
  7. I watched Sesame Street and The Electric Company. I still think about Mister Rogers Neighborhood AND can sing the theme song.
  8. No, Barney was not invented yet. Though, I did watch The Muppet Show.
  9. When I was a kid, we wore Jellies, Jordache Jeans and leg warmers (all at one time).
  10. We made friendship bracelets.
  11. My mom hung clothes up on a clothes line to dry.
  12. We picked wild berries off of the ranch fence across the road.
  13. We had a large garden and canned our vegetables.
  14. We knew what a “switch” was and we did our best to avoid them.
  15. Pizza was not delivered to our house. We had to go out and get it. We would usually go to Pizza Inn. It was dark in décor and had a salad bar in the middle.
  16. We ate out only a few times a month and McDonald’s was a treat!
  17. There were no home computers, Ipods or Ipads. There were calculators, spiral notebooks, envelopes and stamps. We also used dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  18. No, we did not have cell phones. We still had rotary phones and dial phones with actual providers (like Southwestern Bell). We only had one phone number and you had to wait your turn. There was no 911. You posted your emergency numbers on the yellow or avocado green refrigerator with all of the magnets.
  19. Our first video game console was Atari. Before that, we played hangman, tick tack toe, checkers and Monopoly.
  20. There was no Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com or Kindle. We went to the library and checked out books. We knew how to use the Dewey Decimal System.
  21. We had Beta not VHS.
  22. We did not have cable. We watched Broadcast TV with rabbit ears. In the late night/early morning hours, the TV only broadcast the emergency bars.
  23. Sunscreen was optional.
  24. Polaroids were cool. Film was taken in to be developed.
  25. Birthday cakes were homemade.

I hope things are a little more clear about what was and wasn’t.

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of the great memories!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Have a Happy Day because I know I am!


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Hey – I remember when you cut off the hair of one of MY Barbie Dolls and although I think I was all for it at the time, later I regretted it. She was my only ballerina Barbie! I found it recently going through and old box to give stuff to Rane and thought about that. Funny enough, I realized we have been talking “hair” for over 30 years now. Happy Birthday to my “oldest” friend, it is a joy to have known each other all these years.

    • You forgot to tell everyone that you did not know what the word “NO” meant. I am not sure that you understand what it means now days. You also have problems understanding phrases like: “don’t touch that”, “not now”, “no you cannot”, and “don’t go there”. The good thing is that you made it through your childhood and into your teens with few scars. Now I think the funny thing is watching you as you deal with Daniel and Sophia as they grow up. Isn’t if funny how thing just keep repeating over and over again. Dad loves you and had fun watching you girls grow up.

  2. Happy Birthday Lady
    You are one of the BEST Things I found here in Texas
    Have a MOST Wonderful Day – Befitting ONLY to YOU !

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