The Moose vs The Tornado

Intense tornado activity in the United States....

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My husband’s family lives in the midwest.  This past weekend we had the pleasure of visiting and celebrating the wonderful achievement of High School graduation for one of our nephews. This past weekend was also the weekend that more than 70 tornadoes were reported and Joplin, Missouri was devastated by a horrendous EF5 tornado.

I am a Texas girl.  In my part of Texas, we have hurricanes, thunderstorms and an occasional tornado.  With hurricanes, you have days of to prepare.  A tornado warning only allows you minutes to secure your safety.

During our last night in the outskirts of Kansas City, we were awaken by the sounds of tornado sirens.  I actually laid there for a minute questioning their validity, because I had never heard them before.  It is eerie.  Strangely pitched sirens echoed out over the dark, stormy, night air to warn everyone to take cover.  This Texas girl did not like it at all.  I am sure I turned pale as I called for my husband to instruct me on my course of action.  Of course, he was calm!  He flipped on the news to see where it was headed (straight for us) and how far away the storm cell was located (more than an hour).  By this time, I was already carrying a sleeping child and gathering shoes, jackets and clothing to take into the basement.  If panic is having so much tension in your shoulders that you feel like your head could pop off, then I may have been panicking.

With his reassurance, we didn’t have to go to the basement.  We were in the clear and very blessed.  The storm passed south of us.  We were safe.  My husband kept a sane head on his shoulders and helped his lunatic wife weather the storm.

We came home ahead of the storms that hit Joplin.  I cannot even begin to fathom how frightening and horrifying this experience has been for them and for all of the other storm survivors across the United States.  I know that my very own circumstance is miniscule in relation to their experience which makes me even more compelled to reach out and help.

  From recent reports, The Red Cross is becoming overextended by all of the damage done by the tornadoes and flooding.

If you would like to donate please click below:

Red Cross

If you would rather to donate to the Salvation Army, then here is their link:

Salvation Army

And of course, many of the churches are putting together outreach,  supplies and prayers.

Catholic Charites


May God Bless You Always.


One thought on “The Moose vs The Tornado

  1. An update since I wrote this article: Our KC family rode out another tornado warning today. They received a 30 minute warning and their homes were in the calculated path of the cell. Fortunately, it never touched ground. Everyone spend their time in the basements and came out safely.

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