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It is the weekend for our nation to embark on Fourth of July celebrations. Our festivities are wonderful expressions of our freedom.  As an added act of Patriotism, consider this Patriotic Party Tip:  Songs of the USA.

While you are downloading your music playlist to your iPod or MP3, add songs into your mix that help your guests hearts swell with patriotism.  This is how I have seen it done…

My mother is Canadian and each year she throws a “Canada Day Party” (which happens to be today, so a shout out to all the Canadian’s out there!). One of the primary features of her party is an hourly rendition of very loud, enthusiastic singing of her homeland’s song, “Oh, Canada!”  She guides each guest with a homemade fan that has the lyrics printed on one side and  the history of Canada on the other. Naturally, she goes overboard and has large signage all around with miscellaneous facts and history of her homeland. Great idea? YES! Everyone loves it and everyone sings along.  

So let your Americanism shine! Sing your heart out. Let everyone hear you…from the mountain to the ocean…  We have so many wonderful songs that can be scattered into your Patriotic Party. Be sure to announce it so everyone can chime in. The Pledge of Allegiance is a great addition as well.

God has graced us with this wonderful country.

God Bless America. Sing on, sing on!

Songs for the American Patriot
The Star Spangled Banner
America The Beautiful
God Bless America
The Stars and Stripes Forever
This Land is Your Land
Proud to be an American

Patriotic Sites and Resources


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