Heinz 57 — Your Personal Recipe

Galveston Island the Forgotten Gateway. http://www.Galvestonhistory.com

Heinz 57.  That’s what my Grandma used to say when, as kids, we would ask her,”What are you, Grandma?”
“Honey, I am Heinz 57,” was her answer —  A little bit of French, English, ‘Looziana’, Texan, the kitchen sink and Irish. To her dismay, many years later, she was disappointed to report that she wasn’t really Irish at all. But, she wanted to be Irish so badly, that she would add it into her recipe.
Grandma then  married an Italian.  So my Dad is 1/2 Italian and other 1/2  (56 minus the Irish) everything else.  Another part of my personal lineage mix: my Mom is from Canada and is partly Ukrainian.  For my children, I really spiced it up when, I married a Polish/ German from Kansas. Is your head spinning yet?
I am lucky enough to have friends that are Filipino, South African, Indian, American Indian, Italian, Vietnamese and all other lineages in between.  America is BEAUTIFUL! A work of art. There is no other like her where all cultures, skins, religions and viewpoints can reside together. It makes us unique.  Without her being the melting pot that she is, I wouldn’t be the Heinz 57 that I am.

What are your ingredients for your special recipe?

Interesting Fact:
Galveston, Texas was once a busy port of immigration, especially for Germans.
Fun links:
www. Ancestry.com
Filipino Food and Recollection Blog by one of my closest friends, Christy.

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