Moose Tip on Date Night

Bored with dinner and a movie?

Ho-hum. Tired of the same ol’ same ol’?  Do you need to add a little fun mojo to your time together? Ruts often happen while dating our loved one. Complacency and preoccupation with life’s demands sometimes overshadow our relationships. Our date nights are left to be a last-minute concern or item on our to-do list. My advice? Take that relation item and move it to the top of your list and add some sugar and spice.

How to spice it up?  Give your time together a little thought. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.  Add adventure and creativity to your planning and you will be sure to have a great time.

One way to get your brain in gear for date preparation is to have a plan. A good remedy is: Alphabet Dating.  You’ll both have fun coming up with ideas for your dates and surely one of you will be naughtier than the other, but that is what makes it fun.  Laugh and love while adding a spark to your time together. The best part?  You will enjoy  adventures together that beat the typical date of dinner and a movie.

How to play:  Take turns planning your night out with one another while using the letters of the alphabet.

For example:

A — Go to an air show and eat apple turnovers.
B — Go Bowling and out for BBQ.
C — No Cell Phones allowed, go Canoeing and then sit by a     Campfire, Cuddling.
D — Sit by the Dock waiting for the darkness and watching the sunset.
E — Go see the Elephants!
F — Go Fishing.
G — Game Night while drinking Guinness!
H — While wearing fun Hats go Hang out and eat Hamburgers.
I — Ice cream, Icees, and Ice skating!
J — Jump out of a plane.
K — Fly a Kite and eat Kit Kats.
L — Go to a comedy show and LAUGH!
M — Go to a Mystery Dinner Show.
N — Make it Nautical and go on a dinner cruise.
O — Attend the Opera.
P — Play Poker.
Q — Lay Quietly on a Quilt in the park and watch the clouds.
R — Play a little Racquetball before going out Rumba dancing!
S — Snorkeling or Sky diving.
T — Tee-time for Two followed by Tea-time!
U — Go Uptown for an evening.
V — Vegas!
W — Wake up early and go for a Walk in the Woods.
X — I will let you figure this one out 😉
Y — Go to a Yoga class together.
Z — Go to a Zumba class!

You get the idea — now go have fun and enjoy your loved one!

Disclaimer: We have also used the Alphabet tactic in our arguments. We have found that we could come up with a name to call each other for every letter of the alphabet. The result… lots of laughter!

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