Summertime Blues…Or is it?

It is interesting how some things carry over from childhood. One would think that after you graduate out of school, and in my case, stay home with children, that I wouldn’t experience the Summertime Blues. Even my husband has remarked that he too gets the blues just after July 4th.

That seems to be the marker date, July 4th. I guess that is when you realize that summer is ½ over and you begin to panic about all the things you wanted to accomplish but haven’t yet done. As a mom, I am also saddened by the fact that another school year is about to begin. Oh, how I dread the evening homework and sports schedule! But, that is not what gets to me. It is that I truly enjoy my children being home with me. It is fun. They are hilarious on a daily basis and it fills my heart with joy to spend this time with them. I will miss them when they return to school.

I love summer. It is loud and boisterous (oh wait, for us, that is year round). The kids are happy and playful — excited about each day’s adventure. Every day I hear, “What are we doing tomorrow, Mom?”

This summer has already been one to remember. My son’s smile is lacking another tooth, my daughter is swimming without a life jacket, the people we love most have all graced us with many treasured memories. We have experienced parties, vacations, fireworks and water parks.

“The Little Things” are important to me, and so are the little moments. I particularly like home moments; watching a movie or preparing a meal together, admiring the new chalk-art displayed on the driveway, or joining in on a game of basketball.  During these times I even get the added bonus of their shared thoughts and talents.  I receive a daily giggle as my daughter saunters through the house in her crown. Today I witnessed her adorning a crown and wings! Last week my children played happily together, “Goo Gone Wild” with some icky, slimy stuff they stretched across the house. Laugher filled the halls. I would bottle it if I could.

Goo Gone Wild. This stuff was stretched everywhere. They even transformed it into mustaches and necklaces.

So, you see, summer is a happy time and I am not quite ready to give it up. We still have a museum trip to make, walls to paint and waves to make. A special request came in just this morning for loud music and living room dancing. They are waiting anxiously for me to finish “my work” so the dance-a-thon can begin. Of course, that means they have to take down the extreme obstacle course they have assembled!

Excuse me while I go and play.

Smiles await and work can stay.

Have a blessed and cherished day!

Never, ever, wish them away.



10 thoughts on “Summertime Blues…Or is it?

  1. My sentiments exactly! I love waking when my body wants and not having to wake my kids against their will. Time when we can just snuggle in a chair and talk or read seems endless. (Yes, my 14 still crawls in to my lap for mommy time.) We can spontaneously go visit friends, the pool, the mall, the library, etc. I am already feeling the blues just thinking of the looming alarm clock waiting to blast us out of our sweet dreams to start the school day rush….

  2. Summer is but 1/2 way through
    Think of all theres left to do
    But soon I’ll have to go Bizzerk
    because I’ll have to go to work

    The great one

  3. Oh so wonderful to be young and you know the secrete to staying young is to me young at heart. You go play with the children my darling daughter. Love U. and give kisses to my grandchildren, Dad.

  4. You are not alone in that thought. Despite of the heat, this Summer was the best, even my 5-year old agrees. My wife and I will continue to visit the beach on weekends even when the school starts. It has a healing effect, and the water is just fun. My son totally digs it! Great post!

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