Are you ready for school to start?

We are in August! School is just around the corner. Some are rejoicing while others are clinging to each summer moment. What about you?

I know for me…I am enjoying the moments…. but my children have expressed that they are ready to go to school! There seems to be a loud cry of “I’m Bored!” in this house.  What? Am I no fun?  I think they miss their friends and a schedule. At home we are a little lax. In addition,  the 100 ++ degree temperatures are not really enticing them to go outside and play. Yesterday afternoon, I finally got my son to go make mud with the water hose and spray the dog.  Loads of fun, I know.

However , I do have a few big tricks up my sleeves for the next two weeks. I hope I can end their summer with a bang! In the meantime, I am mentally planning those precious hours of “free time” while they are in school. Not that I am in a hurry for school to begin, but,  I have already purchased their school supplies, new back packs and the remainder of their back-to-school clothing!


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