Beach Moosings

The Beach in Pictures…

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“Mom. I AM BORED!”

“Mom, bored here!”

“Bored… Bored… Bored!”

“Ugh! What are we gonna do today?”

Mom’s solution…? A drive to the beach to stay with our favorite Papa, visit a cousin and play in the waves.

We beat the heat and the boredom. Of course, we stayed at our favorite guest house (my dad’s) the Lost Bayou Guesthouse. Fortunately for us, his place is located in the Lost Bayou Garden District and is only a short walk to the Seawall. There are tons of beaches to choose from in Galveston, but I enjoy the short walk to the Seawall. There is something nostalgic about being close to Murdoch’s Bathhouse and all the activity of Seawall Blvd. Joggers, dog walkers, tourists and bicyclists adorn the sidewalk of the concrete wall that protects the seaside town from storm surges.  We look for families pedaling the Surrey’s and observe as the dad in the group is usually pedaling for all. My kids are almost ready to take on that adventure (maybe next time!). What caught my attention this trip were the electric bikes cruising the Seawall! Not sure what I thought about that…

On our first day, the 100 degree temperatures (and my very fair skin) promised us a sunset arrival at the sandy oasis. We were greeted by rolling waves, a soft sea breeze and glistening reflections. It amazes me how the ocean calms the soul. Stresses and worries dissipate moments following your arrival.

Blessed with the company of my two children and cousin, we set up our little spot on the sandy shore. My kids really didn’t help with this task, they were already off and running within moments of our arrival.  Fortunately, my cousin was with me as he  escorted my son into the “big waves” to play because my daughter informed me that she wasn’t going to get into the water because of the “fish poo”. Where does she get these ideas? It didn’t matter. She busied herself chasing the incoming waves along the shore and collecting “she-shells”.  During the next morning’s beach activities, I managed to coax her into the water up to her knees and we jumped the waves… atleast until a piece of seaweed brushed her leg and she practically walked on water in her retreat to the safety of the sandy beach!

The following day, we enjoyed the morning breeze and beginnings of the day. So enchanted with the waters that we stayed through a picnic lunch under the sanctuary of an big beach umbrella. We sat in the sand and dug in so that we could build sand castles. We watched a little boy play with his truck in the waves. We watched the seagulls cruise the beach. Boredom evaporated in the sea breeze. Smiles were abundant and laughter contagious.

This particular boredom prescription took us two wonderful days to complete. I am already anticipating our next trip!

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3 thoughts on “Beach Moosings

  1. Your kids sounded like my son. This Summer, his favorite expression, ” I’m bored dad, lets go out,” echoes everyday. Galveston feels like a second home to me. If only it’s close to my work , I would have relocated there already. My favorite is the seawall and the state son is like me too, both of us love the beach. I love reading this post, every word resonates a passion and true joy of being at Galvestion. I was able to discover new things about it that only someone with great memories of it can ever know. I’m going back this weekend, it’s our last hoorah for Summer before school starts. Thank you for sharing and the visit.

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