Things are Squirrely Around Here!

You really cannot have a moose in your yard and not talk about squirrels. They go together, like peanut butter and jelly…like Rocky and Bullwinkle! If you don’t remember, Rocky was the squirrel.

We have lots of squirrels. Lately, they have really been stirring things up. In fact, just the other day, I had one go all kamikaze on me and run across the road! He got swept under my car and then spun out the side, barely missing the tire, in an extreme somersault. I looked out my rearview mirror just in time to see him shake it off and high-five his friends.

Fuzzy picture of squirrel. But he is there!

That hasn’t been the only squirrely thing. While at the Water Park, we noticed a little squirrel by the trash can. Curiously, he was all huddled below it and let us get within a couple of feet of his location. As it turned out, there was a little hole in the ground, which was probably wet from runoff and it was close to a really awesome food source. That is where he stayed cool in the shade. I believe he was eyeing coolers and picnic baskets.

Dottie, The Dog

The best squirrel adventure has to do with “the antagonist” that lives in the trees at the end of our drive. We don’t see him unless the dog is out. And, if the dog is not out, I think he harasses her through the window because Dottie (the dog) goes crazy peering out the window several times a day. When we do let Dottie out you can guarantee that there is a squirrel hanging out on the ground at the treeline. He makes himself an easy target. I promise you that he is sticking his tongue out and shaking his rear at Dottie – antagonizing! Then, “Boom!” She is off like a streak of light, chasing the dust of a squirrel. The only reason the dog has not caught him yet is because there is about 30 yards of space between them…and Dottie cannot climb trees. But, as with people, the thrill is in the chase; up, down and around they race through the trees. Dottie is an Australian Shepherd—it is awesome to watch her run. She can reach full speed in a matter of seconds, turn on a dime and watch her “herd” all at the same time. It makes for good entertainment on days I need something to make me laugh. The best part is when she is running full throttle down the hill and can’t put the brakes on. Lucky squirrel, he gets a time-lapse in that moment. Then, in slow motion, the squirrel will leap from the safety of the ground into the trees and Dottie is left in the dust hopping on her back legs wishing she had thumbs!

I hope you have a superbly squirrely day. I look forward to a few of your squirrel stories.

Many Blessings! ~ Stacey


6 thoughts on “Things are Squirrely Around Here!

  1. My stories may not be fit for the internet. They both end tragically. They may be funny if you thing of them like Wile E Coyote cartoons. In that case, they were funny. This includes an attempt at building an Acme product.

  2. A squirrel came up to our front door the other day (our front doors are part of 5 full glass windows all the way to ground level…great for cats and children to look out of…usually side by side by side by side). He knocked on the window with his little head peeping over the wooden border of the door and anounced to our in-door cat that he was there. I swear I could hear him say “Here kitty, kitty, kitty.” Today there was a chipmonk on the deck…same deal at the sliding glass doors. I think they’re in on it together.

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