When You Have a “Moose Blog”…

Texas Moose House is a fun place for me. I get to write stuff and ponder things. The best part? I get to do it all from the luxury of my seat in front of the window that looks outside at my moose, Monty.  I have a large support  group of friends and family. Many look at me funny, but support me none-the-less. Some of them even read my articles now and then. One of the ways I am supported is by sending me more moose stuff.  Today, instead of writing about a great memory, phenomenon or moosing, I am going to share with you some of the “stuff” that people send me (primarily my mother–Thanks, Mom!)…

A Postcard...

A suggestion on how I should be styling my hair.  The “natural” look because I have a Moose blog…

Another Postcard... with a moose chunk missing.

Where's the moose?

No moose here… just deer and longhorn. This photo was emailed to me and is totally qualified because these animals are not going anywhere fast… and they have antlers,  similar to my Monty. On a side note, I received a note regarding my stoic moose. The note writer wanted to “borrow” my moose because he had never seen a rack like that before!

Shhh! A Moose-Chime

A Moose-Vane

Not my moose– but it is in the family…

I was on the fence about this one...

Still related… and we wonder why I am so quirky?

Moose Pillow Pet-- Priceless!!

As I was writing…this picture was emailed to me! Amoosing!

Thanks, Ladybug for the thought 🙂



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8 thoughts on “When You Have a “Moose Blog”…

  1. Your moose puns are cute! I have to admit, puns in general make me feel bittersweet. Now, you shall be inundated with more moosendise because every time I see something, I am so either gonna buy it or send you a photo of it.

  2. On the fence… I think that’s my bear! Chasing the dog….definately my bear. He was knocking on our door the other day the kids were super excited to see Mr. Bear. I was laughing and cursing and couldn’t decide whether to take a picture of my girls staring out the front glass doors at the bear while the bear stared back from the tree just across our driveway or to run to my key chain and hit the panic button to scare the bear away…I chose to scare the bear because I’m not sure how strong the front doors are and probably shouldn’t find out with the girls in the way. The girls couldn’t wait to tell dads about the adventure!

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