Moose Snippet: Daybreak

Morning Sky By Diana Hansen LeGodais. Taken 9-3-2011. Conroe, TX Photographer. Cache Photography: Cache Photography on Facebook

Once the sun comes up, the day is on: breakfast, stories, laughter, running, playing, schedules, meetings, school, play-dates, phone calls, emails, blogs…

But there is a small window of opportunity, just before daybreak, when the world is still.  Small whispers heighten your senses…the melodic music of the wind chimes, a little frog hopping, early bird calls, a daybreak runner passing by;  it is so quiet, you can hear his shoes touch the asphalt.  The clouds above are dark, black like night. The secret is behind those clouds,  the morning glow is peaking through, letting you in on the surprise that is coming. And, just like that, the morning presents itself. The day begins.

Have a Blessed Labor Day Weekend.



5 thoughts on “Moose Snippet: Daybreak

  1. I’m a night person and even when I’m off work , I will wake up between 3-5 A.M. I find this time the most peaceful, when the Earth is at peace. This is the time too that I noticed that I’m most inspired to write and my thoughts clear of any distractions. It feels like I own the time, just for myself. I had chance to see the sunrise in Galveston this Summer. It was beautiful. Wishing you and your family the best.

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