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“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.”

(An excerpt from The Our Father, or Lord’s Prayer)

What a powerful statement! This particular line calls on our Heavenly Father to forgive us the way we forgive others. We are asking him to use the same measuring stick to measure our transgressions as we use on those around us. It makes you think, doesn’t it?

It is 9/12. A new day. Every day that we wake we receive a new beginning. Another day to make good in the world. Forgiveness should be part of our days. We will never be perfect at forgiveness, but it is the effort put forth making peace that matters. It begins with us, individually. You see, we all have a candle burning within. Bright flames are filled with joy, peace and forgiveness. Every time we hold onto a little grudge or resentment or jealousy, our candle dims a little. Light will always win over darkness; it is up to us to let the light in. Harboring anger and hard emotions have the potential to snuff out our candle and destroy our potential of greatness and grace.

It is interesting to note how when you hold onto a grudge the only person that really gets dampened is the one holding on to the anger. And, I understand that some things are not easily forgiven, at least not on our own. It won’t always be easy, in most cases, it will be hard. Though, we shouldn’t let that be a deterrent towards our effort and we must rely on our Faith to carry us through. The Lord is our strength.

Today’s blessing for you is inner peace. May you find forgiveness and be forgiven. May all of our candles burn a little brighter so we can be a light for those around us.


Bible Reference:  MT 18:21-35


5 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. A touching post that everyone can learn from. To forgive is not easy but once we do, there’s a sense of peace, of calmness, a joy that we were able to let go and move on. Me and my wife had experienced a traumatic and painful event caused by a person we treated as a family. It’s too hard to accept and give up the anger, the resentments. But we prayed for guidance. If God who is God can forgive us then we can do too. To forgive is divine. Sometimes when we remember the event we can feel a little twinged in our hearts but then we think of God’s goodness and generosity. After that there’s just gratefulness and joy that he walked with us and carried our burdens. Beautiful post. The candle made me feel hopefull.

  2. Allright, allright – I’ll forgive my neighbor for being a tool this morning while trying to instruct me pre-coffee on how my children should be addressing her by Ms. (insert name) instead of just her name. I’ll forgive how I think this is so very trivial and we don’t live in the 1960s anymore, plus the fact that my children have been very respectful and demonstrated good manners around her and her husband a majority of the time over the last 3 years. I’ll remind myself that this is a woman that does not have many friends, deals with her elderly parents on a daily basis and spends all her time in the house which I am sure leads her to overthink everything. Thanks for the reminder.

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