A Series of “Ghostly” Happenings…

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A Series of Ghostly Happenings….

Contributed by Shana Paulson

1st…. Confederate Nurse and Sleeping Babies

When I was just born we lived in Woodland, GA – a very small town of around 300 people, a railroad town that slowly ceased to thrive due to the train taking them off the docket as a scheduled stop.  This area of Georgia was also well known as a path towards Atlanta and frequented by Confederate soldiers marching to defend the South.  My Mother was a Navy wife, and being big and pregnant with me and knowing she had to have a C-section at Fort Benning (about 30 minutes away), she and my Dad chose to rent a small home across the street from my Grandparent’s house so she could have some help – my Dad was going to be out to sea when I was born.  The house she chose just so happened to be an old Confederate hospital run by the lady that lived there – she was a nurse.

After I was born and my Mother was home, and it was not uncommon in those days for people to walk into your house and nose around, offering help, etc.  My Mom had decided she didn’t want anyone there that day and to not be disturbed she locked the front porch screen, leaving it open in order to hear if anyone came by as she laid on the coach for a nap. My brother and I were in our cribs in the bedroom.  Mom napped, then got up to go check on us – as she entered our room she saw a white mist hovering over our cribs – strange, as it wasn’t rainy that day.  She turned to leave and started walking down the hallway and met up with an old woman dressed in a long dress, long apron over the dress and a small nursing cap on her head.  She inquired on us, asked how I was doing (by name), asked how my Mom felt after her surgery, then proceeded to walk past her down the hallway towards the kitchen.  Mom thought her dress was a bit old fashioned – but ya just never know out there with some of the old women….Mom just thought my grandmother had sent her over.  Then my Mom remembered that she had locked the doors to the house and got a chill down her spine.  She walked to the kitchen and no one was there, she walked to the front door – and it was locked.

2nd… Bones

My Mother went to visit a good friend out on a rural, acreage spot in Texas.  The lady was showing her the old farmhouse and as they went into her Master Bedroom/Bath my Mom stopped, looked at her friend and asked how long she had been seeing something – unnatural – in the room.  Her friend was obviously shocked, but then proceeded to tell her that every night around bedtime her and her husband watch a woman appear from the bathroom and walk to the window across the room.  She then disappears.  My Mom walked the path, looked out the window and saw a tree.  She told her friend to dig around the tree, there is something there the woman wants.  Not long after that – her friend dug up some child bones around the tree.  She called Mom excited and freaked out – Mom said to place them on the woman’s path in her room.  She never appeared again.

3rd… Ghostly Encounters

This one is a composition of different events, as the time and places of them are random and not remembered exactly – also a notation on future generational gifts…

My Mother has retired for the most part, but was a cleaning lady for many of the elderly in her surrounding area of rural, GA.  The homes she typically cleaned where old, Georgian style, 100 year plus homes.  Tons of history – and ghosts.  Here are a few sightings:

Vacuuming a room with a notoriously stuck door that had been left open because it was hard to close due to the home settling – suddenly slams shut when my Mom fusses about not being able to clean behind it.  She worried momentarily about being able to get out of the room – then went ahead and vacuumed!

While cleaning out a front den area on a hot day – very hot, around 100 – she thinks she sees her customer walk by in a heavy cloak and walk by the foyer and out the front door.  When she calls to her that it is too hot for a coat – the lady answered from the back of the house.  When Mom said something to her customer, the lady laughed and told her she had just seen her resident lady ghost, she likes to appear to guests!She used to clean for a man that had a store in the front of the house and the back and upstairs was the home.

She was in the closed storefront when a man walked in dressed like he was a biker from the 50s, hair and all.  Mom told him the store was closed, he ignored her and walked up the stairs.  She freaked out because she didn’t know the guy and was afraid for the 15 yr old teenage girl that was upstairs napping.  She ran up there with a broom stick to bash the guys head in (my Mom has no fear obviously) – no one around.  The teenager later told her she had heard lots of walking around in the night, always in an opposite room than where she was sleeping.  Other people had confirmed the guy walking through the house from time to time.

My grandmother used to tell a tale about her friends house in town – the history was a young woman had two beaus and liked to flirt too much.  One afternoon when she accepted a date to a picnic with the one boy, the other one being slighted came to the front porch and shot the young woman and killed her on the porch.  To this day the blood stain always appears on the same spot, doesn’t matter how many times the floor is stripped, painted, retouched, it always comes back.

My little daughter Rane spent around the age of 2 and 3 showing us she had some of the gifts, though I am not sure if she still does.  She seemed to talk to my husband’s Mother a lot.  She would always come out in a pair of shoes or outfit that “Grandma Margaret told her to wear.”  She used to tell me she talked to her a lot – and that she loved her.

I too have had little intuitions and stories but nothing as grand as stated above.  I choose to view all these things as a gift and a look into a world we all will know nothing about until the very end – actually I think of it as a new beginning.  You see, energy never dies, it has to go somewhere.  I would like to believe that the energy you put into this world follows you into the next.  So make that energy good so that what remains that can still be seen by the gifted is worthwhile!

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