Sightings of Santa Fe

Spooky “Ghost Writing” entry #4 is from Gwen McCormick

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Sightings of Santa Fe

by Gwen McCormick

It all happened in the little town of Santa Fe in July of 2011.  My family and I took a trip to Albuquerque to visit family and spend some time sightseeing.  I have always been aware that New Mexico is known for its unusual and unearthly events, sightings, and the like.  While lunching at a restaurant in old town Albuquerque, the waiter began telling us of sightings in the restaurant.  His stories were quiet unreal and creepy but the children, and myself, were quite intrigued.  That particular restaurant has a small child whose bedroom used to be the ladies bathroom.  She has been sighted in and around that area.  The step stool is found at the sink after hours and the water is running.  Creepy, I know.  At the checkout counter the owner notices the excitement in the children and offers to show us the pictures that have actually captured her on film.  Yes, they are indeed true. 

So we left the restaurant as fast as we could and I decided to follow up a little on this intriguing story but visiting the local bookstore.  In there I found a book that included all the ghostly sightings in New Mexico.  Naturally I could not put it down.  In it I read about the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe.  The Loretto Chapel is a former Roman Catholic Church that is now used as a museum and wedding chapel.  It is mainly known for the mysterious staircase that has absolutely no support beams and it has stayed in place for years without any apparent nails, bolts or screws.   In the book I read that the Chapel is frequented by the nuns of the chapel.  I am a non-believer of these sorts of things, or so I keep telling myself, and so it does not bother me so much that we will be visiting the chapel on our trip to Santa Fe. 

The day we took the train to Santa Fe was amazing, the weather was great, the sights were beautiful and the kids had lots of fun exploring.  As we enter the Loretto Chapel, I remember what the book had said and so without being too conspicuous I walk about and casually take pictures of the children, and then peek at the digital image to make sure nothing has been accidentally photographed, and nothing was.  So all is well and dandy. 

It was not until we returned home a few days later that I developed the pictures that I had taken.  To my shock and disbelief, I found odd specs on my Loretto photographs.  That is right, you read that correct.  In my pictures, there are white glowing orbs floating in the pictures.  Some are high above, in the choir section, other are at the altar.  I then told my husband because I no longer wanted to be the only one who was witnessing this.  As we zoomed closer we could tell that the bigger orbs were actually behind the banisters.  We did some more research, it was determined that these orbs are not dust on the lenses, or lighting effects in the church.  It seems that they are energy orbs of the nuns who frequent the Chapel.  This was so horrifying to me that I did not print those pictures because I did not want to see them again.  If you dare, scroll down and view the pictures for yourself.  Believe it or not.

Floating Orb in Santa Fe by Gwen Mccormick, 2011

Orbs in Santa Fe Church, taken by Gwen McCormick, 2011

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