“Ghost Writer” and Photography Contest Voting Deadline Looms!

Final hours of voting are now!

Click the stars to cast your vote. You may vote for as many articles as you would like, but only once. The winners will be announced around 12 Noon. There will be one Ghost Story winner and one October Photography winner.

The winners will receive… A Texas Moose House Coffee Mug, A copy of “My Mom Has Eyes in The Back of Her Head” and a $15 gift card from Starbucks (woo hoo). Good Luck!

Thanks for playing!

Final Entries…

Ghost Story Entries

October 27th Ghost Entry: Sightings of Santa Fe, By Gwen McCorminck

October 26th Ghost Entry: Little Girl in South Carolina, A Completely True Story, By Rachel Higgens

October 25th Ghost Entry:  A Ghostly Tale, By Steve Warner

October 24th Ghost Entry:  A Series of Ghostly Happenings, By Shana Paulson

Photo  Entries

October 27th Photo Entry: Maine “Leaves” Summer Behind, By Anne Hoffman

October 26th Photo Entry: Pint-Sized Pumpkin Picking, By Diana LeGodais

October 25th Photo Entry: Chico, The Dog Pirate By Brenda Ludwig-Ward

October 24th Photo Entry: Happy Haunting by Diana LeGodais


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