Great Cyber Monday Deal on My Favorite Book!

I avoided Black Friday only to be thrust into Cyber Monday.  I wasn’t going to succumb to the temptation, but alas, there are some super great deals to fill up the stockings of friends and family. Speaking of stocking stuffers…. my recent book, “My Mom Has Eyes in The Back of Her Head” makes a great gift for children and Mom’s!  (Like how I did a sneak attack promo for my book?)

Buy Today and receive 30% off your order. BUY NOW!

We have all heard it or even said it, now you can share the memory with others while enjoying a copy of, “My Mom Has Eyes in The Back of Her Head”. Some have given it as a gift, others as a card to their Mom …either way, you will get a giggle as you embark on solving the mystery of Mom’s special sight.

Written in a rhyming style, this book is fun and easy to read. It is great for beginner readers and has been well received by those who teach reading and literacy to children.  The children love the illustrations and the “big kids” laugh at the truth behind the words.

If this sounds like the perfect gift to give this holiday season then take advantage of the CYBER MONDAY sale and receive 30% off your total order  [that is a hint for you to buy 5 or 6 books 😉 ]

Click this link

And use this code:  CYBERMONDAY

Thank you for your support and patronage!



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