An Ode to Jake and Rane by Shana Paulson

“An Ode to Jake and Rane”
Oh, Jake! You weren’t a big surprise,
But you are the apple of our eye.
You made me sicker than a dog–
And blow up like a Momma hog!
But when you popped out from below,
It was like you had a little halo.
We love you bigger than life itself
For you are our little prodigy elf.
Rane snuck in like a sneak attack!
Making Daddy’s heart flop and rear back!
You made me feel all sassy and fun,
A warning about that little bun.
You cried and fussed for the next few years,
But you gave great joy so never fear.
We love your hysterical and silly rants,
I can’t wait to see how big you fill your pants!
Our two big kiddos are now eight and six
And we still don’t feel like we’ve had our fix.
See your children never go away,
They are always in your heart to stay!
Love Shana “Mommy” Paulson


3 thoughts on “An Ode to Jake and Rane by Shana Paulson

  1. So unbelievably sweet! Keep that poem somewhere safe so they can have it when they grow up. And so that you have proof when they are teenagers and say to you “you don’t do anything nice for me.”. Big love Shana!!

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