Christmas is Coming….

Christmas is less than a week away, or so I was informed by a small person in my house, and I am ready — I think!  I have run through my lists, baked some cookies, checked my lists, ate some cookies, decorated, Christmas partied, ate some more cookies. I believe, I am done. Okay, okay, maybe a little more wrapping.

             Wrapping confessions:   I used to LOVE wrapping gifts. I would artfully craft and accessorize with frilly bows and glitter, color coordinate my paper and embellishments! Now, all I do is coordinate paper (which I think is fun!) Forget the bows, forget the glitter, you are lucky it is taped up with no gift showing (well, sometimes). 

We have had “Jingles” the Elf stalking us for a whole month already. I can’t even sneak cookies out of the kitchen without him giving me the evil eye. My daughter is so paranoid that he is watching, she won’t get dressed in her room or take a shower without first making sure he is not a “peeping elf!” He is also a little piggy– he ate a cracker and left a big crumbly mess in the chair and then hung out in the refrigerator like we wouldn’t notice him drinking the milk! Sometimes, just to torment him I wave and eat my cookies in front of him. Guess who is probably getting coal this year…

       Gift Confessions: I love Christmas gift buying. Somehow or another I can justify one for you and two for me. Then, I wrap my own presents and put them under the tree as presents from the dog and Jingles, even my husband has bought me great gifts this year! They have no idea they were so generous…

I made a major Christmas card faux pas this year….I thought I would be highly efficient and do the entire project through Shutterfly, including the labeling and mailing (yee-haw). I sent out 100 cards to everyone who I thought should see pictures of us. Then, my Dad calls (of course) and says, “You should have sent out a magnifying glass with your cards, the font is too small.”  Sure enough, I received my card  and had to squint to make out the 4 lines of “we had a great year” text.  It looked like tiny red ants crawling across the page…or, cookie crumbs!  So, if you were one of those people who received a card you can’t read– just ignore the cookie crumbs on the bottom of the card and  enjoy the photos! 🙂

As for the next few days we wait in great anticipation for Christmas. I am done fretting over the small stuff and will focus attentively on what matters most, my children, family, good cheer, spreading love and kindness and the most blessed gift of all– the gift of Christ in our lives!

Merry Christmas!



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