I am grateful for my Mom. Her story is powerful. She is self-made, she is not college educated though she is wildly successful. She is loved by so many. When people find out I am her daughter they remark, “Oh I love her!”

When I was younger she used to embarrass me, ok she still embarrasses me! Here is the difference, I value her differently. As a woman, mother, business owner, I look at her life as woman, mother business owner and I am blessed to have such an incredible role model. Smart, hard-working, charitable, risk taker. As a child, I did not understand her influence and how deep it would affect me into my adult choices and decisions. Now, her experiences have been a wealth of knowledge to help me make better decisions.

The best part? We are in business together! We have so much fun and our time together is full of happiness, fun and love.

((What I failed to mention is how she always ‘has my back,’  like when she picks up the kids from school or keeps them for me when I travel–she is the best! I love you Mom!))


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