Three: Friends (two in particular)

Today I am particularly grateful for two of my besties.

Friends in general are a wonderful thing. You get to choose them. You have all sorts of friends; the kind you laugh with, inspire with, drink coffee with, playdate with, work with and play hookie with.  I am so blessed to have many of these friends– though I am not naming names…  Today however, I  would like to highlight two of my Besties. These friends are a little different. They are the tell your secrets to friends. The I love you anyway friends. The you’re in jail and I probably am too friend…or the bail you out friend. They are special.

Shana is my life friend, practically sisters. I am so grateful for her because she has my memories. She remembers my life better than I do and often fills in the gaps. I think it has something to do with her connection to Georgia. Genetically dispositioned for drinking sweet tea on the front porch while recalling tales of history. We are also psychically connected. I make her mad…alot. I have ruined more gifts and surprises because of this connection we have. Once, she brought me a painted rock as a gift.  She says,”You’ll never guess what I got you!” I said, “What is it a rock?”  Yep we are those kinds of friends. The ones that share rocks.

One of my most favorite things about her is her laugh! Once, she called into a contest to laugh over the phone to try to win the Pillsbury Boy Dough Laughing competition.  Her laughter is contagious. We have laughed so hard we’ve cried–countless times.  Love that!

One of my other besties is Jamie. She is a newer friend. We met through one of the schools for our kiddos. I loved her energy from the get go. A getter done  personality. She is the friend that promotes my good (and bad) ideas. You know, the “it seemed to be a good idea at the time” friend. After one of these events I actually told her that her job is more to let me know that not all of my wacked out ideas are meant to be followed through on. I need friends that hold up the warning sign, “really bad idea!”

You know what I love about her,  she believes in me. She gives me nudges and pushes when I am feeling stuck or lost my own belief. She encourages me and doesn’t judge me.  Her heart is enormously huge and she amazes me!

Notice though, I wrote today I am particularly grateful…that is because these two friends are part of my village. And in my extreme dire need of kid back up plan–there were no questions, just “sure, I can help.”

So, thank you my friends. I love you more than the words in this little blog can express. You’re the best. 🙂

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