Four… The Better Half

Wow. I don’t exactly know how to begin this post because I have so many things to be thankful for right now. I think in this moment, I would like to highlight my husband.

I am so blessed! This man has so much patience and love. He is a family man, a faithful man, a man of great integrity! I could write pages about him and how he is a gift in my life, but today I would like to focus on his belief in me.

He knows I am slightly crazy and that I will take risk if I can see reward for us, our family and others. About a year ago, I started with a company and that experience has completely changed our lives. He could have scoffed at my endeavor but he didn’t. In fact, he has assisted me all along the way. He has watched the kids, folded laundry, made my travel plans, chauffeured me around while I make calls, told me I was doing great, let me cry on his shoulder on bad days, and kicked me in my butt when I needed it! He is my partner, in marriage, family, faith and business.

He keeps my crazy at a dull roar and loves it all the same. And right now, he is with me learning, growing and implementing more strategy into our lives and business. How great is that? We get to work and play together!!

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