The Moostry Writer

My name is Stacey Jata. I am a full-time mom who dabbles in other things. I left the corporate world 7 years ago to be with my children. It has been an awesome growing experience for all of us! I have been married to my wonderful husband for 11 years.  I value everyday that we spend together.

Besides Texas Moose House, I have recently published my first book, “My Mom Has Eyes in The Back of Her Head!”  I am aspiring to complete another book this year. On occasion, I am honored to speak about Developing Business with A Sparkle  to help people reach more of their potential.

I also have a business from home that I LOVE! I am in the Happiness Business 🙂 I help people be happy with their skin and within. I am creating a legacy and helping others to the same. In my business career, this has been hands down one of the most fun things I have ever embarked on.

Texas Moose House was inspired after many requests to share my views on marriage, home & family. Though I see my life as crazy and disorganized, I suppose others find it efficient and working — all a matter of perspective. We are a Christian household who puts God first and everything else after. I spend most days trying not to repeat too many of the same mistakes, loving my children and husband to my greatest capacity, and being kind to others. I am a work in progress.

I hope to write to entertain, inspire and give perspective on all things life and love.

Please forgive my spelling and grammar errors, my editor takes naps and the moose doesn’t read!

In Great Love and Kindness,

Stacey Jata

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4 thoughts on “The Moostry Writer

  1. Hi Stacey! Fun site! I just finally had a chance to visit and I will bookmark you and like your page on Facebook! It was a pleasure meeting you at the networking lunch last Tuesday and thanks for being so kind! Naturally, Emilie Spruill

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