New year— A BETTER YOU!

Happy New Year!  2015– WOW! Can you believe it? I can’t. I am still a little in “year” shock.  But, don’t let that fool you, I have been in full force reflection for a few weeks now.

One of the trends we see a lot of during this transition time is the phrase, “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!”  I do not like that phrase. Maybe a better way to approach your year is — New year– A BETTER you! Because really, you are pretty awesome. Maybe you need some tweeking, refinement, refocus. You may need to become healthier in mind, body or spirit– but you don’t need to become a different person. You need to become a better version of yourself.

AFFIRMATION:  “I am becoming better and better everyday in every way”

One of the greatest gifts I received this holiday season was a little book called, “ONE WORD that will change your life” by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page. What a great little gem. The idea is to choose one word to center your life around. Use it to help re-align you and drive your focus for the year. I share this with you to help you gather your focus into a central theme so that you can become more– so that you can achieve more. Not new — but better!

My whole family and many of my friends are participating in this exercise. Here are some examples of our words:

Peace, Consistency, Drive, Faith, Happy, Release, Joy, Focus


Build a Dream Board. I totally thought this was hokey. Really. Hokey. I was wrong. I halfheartedly put one together last year… and guess what… things started happening! Not exactly how I planned it, so I made a mental note to *be more specific. Do not let my future be left to chance in my thoughts and visions. Now my dream board is full and elaborate and I find great joy in looking at it.

So have some fun– put your board together. My family and I do this as a project it is way fun. And this year, we added our “word.”

You become that which you gaze upon

Plan tomorrow before tomorrow begins. Align your day with your priorities, your word and your goals. We fill our days with lots of “busy” but busy doesn’t drive us where we need to be. High payoff activities do. Focus on the things that get you to your destination. While you are planning, schedule a bit of time for what keeps YOU healthy: meditation or prayer, movement for the body, and good words to fill the mind.

Books I love: Outliers, Think and Grow Rich, From Good to Great, The Slight Edge, The Magic of Thinking Big, Untethered Soul, Funny SIde Up, Failing Forward

People I listen to: Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Shawn Achor,


Maybe these are things you already know. They were for me, implementation was my issue. I overwhelmed myself with too many things to make me “NEW.” Now, with my focus on my one word, my vision board to hold my focus, my affirmations to remind myself of what I want and great words to fuel my mind I am becoming a better version of myself today than I was yesterday!

2015 is set to be a great year!  I CAN do this one day at a time, and so can you!!

Be blessed and be a blessing!