Six….Sister Angels

My sisters are part of my “angel network.” They are the ones that love me anyways. I can cry over the phone to them, say inappropriate things, have my “pissy pants” on, act like a huge dork, nerd or goofball and they will still be my sisters! They will call me out when I am wrong, support me when I am right, push me when I am hesitant and love me when I am wounded.

Sisters teach you to share. They teach you how to play. We giggle and fight and tease and plan. My life is fuller, better and more blessed simply by having two of the most amazing sisters ever.
I love you Tammy and Karrie!





5….The Right Place

I am grateful for icy weather. What started out as a 2 day Leadership Academy and Regional training event resulted in the best iced-in experience I could ever ask for! Dallas, Texas this past weekend was COLD! It was so cold that we had 2 inches of ice on our car. We weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Best time ever!

Of course, with a bunch of people who promote happiness…you know we turn lemon into lemonade. We also took Christmas decorations and turned them into hats! Lots of culture, socializing and celebrating. We know what’s coming around the bend.

While we were a captive audience, due to ice, our company not only gave us the planned Leadership Academy,we were also treated to a fine dining experience of pizza on Friday night! This was awesome because the founders of our company sat in the room with us and opened up the floor for Q&A. How wonderful is that?! They spent 10 hours with us that day giving us information, tools and a 20/20 vision on what is to come.

Then, the next day– many went to the big event (about 500 people) while about 40 of us stayed behind at the hotel for a more intimate discussion with one of our leaders and another founder of the company. To be in a room with those that practice what they preach– loving, caring, sharing, happiness and family— reinforces my belief that I am in the right place and definately at the right time!

I have a life of purpose and meaning.

Join me on a quest to make the world a happier place.