Four… The Better Half

Wow. I don’t exactly know how to begin this post because I have so many things to be thankful for right now. I think in this moment, I would like to highlight my husband.

I am so blessed! This man has so much patience and love. He is a family man, a faithful man, a man of great integrity! I could write pages about him and how he is a gift in my life, but today I would like to focus on his belief in me.

He knows I am slightly crazy and that I will take risk if I can see reward for us, our family and others. About a year ago, I started with a company and that experience has completely changed our lives. He could have scoffed at my endeavor but he didn’t. In fact, he has assisted me all along the way. He has watched the kids, folded laundry, made my travel plans, chauffeured me around while I make calls, told me I was doing great, let me cry on his shoulder on bad days, and kicked me in my butt when I needed it! He is my partner, in marriage, family, faith and business.

He keeps my crazy at a dull roar and loves it all the same. And right now, he is with me learning, growing and implementing more strategy into our lives and business. How great is that? We get to work and play together!!

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Readers’ Choice: Marriage, Faith and The Dog

I asked my Facebook Followers not too long ago what they would like me to write about…Marriage, Faith or the Dog (she is very popular). While I received a few responses, what occurred to me was this: they are all share some common qualities.

Me, being the great philosopher that I am, came up with a rather splendid article (in my head) while cleaning the kitchen. Greatness frequently happens while I drift in thought over sudsy dishes. The challenge, of course, being that once I finally found my way to the desk to begin penning my brilliant philosophy, the a-ha moment was shattered and my inspiration lost. I have attempted to articulate the relationship between the 3 topics several times and, much to my dismay, the thoughts have been much more profound in my brain — not so much on paper. Alas, while I have this really splendid thought bouncing in my clever little brain, I cannot seem to articulate that brilliance to you. Unfortunately, that leaves me with no other option than to sow my seeds of philosophy and hope that you can make it grow!

The Dog:

While I wish greatly that she had thumbs (so she could help around the house), she is one of the greatest additions to our family. She loves us unconditionally — no matter how rotten we have been that day — whether we have been angry, sad, mean, selfish or ugly. She is always willing to lay beside us or give our hand a lick. Her desire to please is constant, as is her desire to be fed, watered, played with and loved upon. She needs our constant attention but is happy just being in our presence. Often, she tries to protect us from the knock on the door or the stranger whose scent she doesn’t recognize. Her bark lets us know she is on our side.


Marriage, under the right circumstance, is one of life’s most wonderous human experiences. In it, two individuals come together as one and commit their love to one another for a lifetime. It requires constant feeding: affection, attentiveness, kind words, hand holding and communication. Your marriage and commitment with one another should always be protected and as partners, you should seek to protect one another. Love in a marriage is unconditional. We accept and love one another as we live day-to-day and show ourselves raw to our spouse. We are often angry, sad, mean, selfish and ugly and yet our Love is there to see us through so that we can be happy, joyous, smiling and elated. And in those moments when we cannot walk side by side, it is good to know that our life’s love has got our back or simply carries us through.

Love is patient and kind;love does not envy or boast;it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way;it is not irritable or resentful;it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8


Faith is to be practiced. It requires trust and steadfastness. Faith needs to be fed through study, prayer, worship and fasting. In return of our Faith, we receive nourishment in our spirit. Our flame of hope, love and charity burns brighter.  We operate on a plane that is greater than ourselves. Having Faith, gives us knowledge that we always have God on our side. He is our love, our protector. He loves us unconditionally. Often, he carries us through. With Him we are never alone.