Holiday Moose Tip #2

Please Do Not Drink & Drive.

Please Do Not Text & Drive.

Please Do Not Text & Drink…(you know who you are!)

Just a friendly reminder from a moose that loves you!


Holiday Moose Tip

Holiday Moose

If you sprinkle 

When you tinkle

Be so sweet

And wipe the seat!

This was posted in our bathroom growing up. It seems like common sense and yet….many people forget about cleaning up after themselves. In my home we have a young boy who is taught this lesson and the art of putting the toilet seat down. Why? Because it is respectful to ladies. I simply hate it when I fall in the toilet bowl in the middle of the night.

So, while visiting your in-laws and out-laws this holiday season, remember to be neat in the bathroom. While people might not take note that you do, they will certainly remember if you don’t!