Let’s Spread the HAPPY Contest :)

Global Day of Happiness is MARCH 20, 2014! Be a part of this AMAZING DAY!

There are events going on all around the country! From New York to San Francisco! Are you going? Tell me about it 🙂

Here is a list of just a few of the events around the country!

I am giving away a FREE subscription to Live Happy magazine!

Its easy to enter this contest….Simply go here and “Join the movement”   (It is free to be happy!)

Once you have joined the Happiness Movement,  comment below that you are a Happiness Ambassador! Then, share this post so we can spread the happy 🙂

Would you like to know more about what the Happiness Movement is all about? Watch the video….

The Lucky Winner will be chosen on March 31, 2014!

Be Happy!


Valentine Contest! Everybody Loves a Good Love Story!

Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910

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Do you have a love story to share? We want to read it here at Texas Moose House!

Romantic, funny, silly or just plain delightful — as long as it is true!

It can be how you fell in love with your spouse, children or dog. It can be about your parents or your grandparents,  but, most of all, it must be about Love!

It must be family friendly reading and if you want to include a picture that is fine.

I will post through Valentine’s Day.  The entry with the most “Likes” and “Stars” wins. What shall you win? To be determined…but don’t wait — start writing!  By the way– the best way to get the stars and likes is to invite all your friends to vote!

You must be a subscriber to Texas Moose House to enter.


email your entries to: txmoosehouse at gmail dot com (yes, written out so I am not spammed to death!)


UPDATE: THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE….(wait for it)…..An Official Texas Moose House Mug (insert:  Cheers! Applause! Hoots and Hollars)